The truth is I never should have let you go

luci2189: all my invisable friends are here
RuBiaReiNa89: lol
luci2189: they took offense to that
RuBiaReiNa89: really? i'm sorry.. what are their names?
luci2189: okay here goes...Jill, Sam...Kaci...Jordan...Sophia ...Joan...and Holly
luci2189: sophia is really stuck up tho
RuBiaReiNa89: really? then why are you friends with her?
luci2189: cuz shhh shes rich
RuBiaReiNa89: i cant believe you use her like that
luci2189: its okay..she isn't very pretty
RuBiaReiNa89: ohh thats too bad haha
RuBiaReiNa89: im sad that i wasnt invited to the party
luci2189: yea
luci2189: Stine stine..u had plans remember
luci2189: my parents asked me if u were coming over (well to my party) and I said u couldn't cuz u had plans
RuBiaReiNa89: i dont have plans anymore though :-(

Hahahaha way too funny!!! lol i luv you Court.
Today was a pretty boring day. I am soo tired though lol cuz I was talking to Jon on the phone until 12:30 last night. I'm gonna go to bed somewhat soon though. I get to sleep in tomorrow!!! I was supposed to hang out with Jon and Sammi tonight..but then they couldn' that sucks...
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I know I can stop the pain if I will it all away

This thing bores me so I haven't been writing in it. I've gone to school one full day so far this week. Monday I skipped, it was a pretty sucky day, but then I went shopping with my mom and used my gift cards from christmas lol. Tuesday I went, but today we had a two hour delay, and Courtney and I got dismissed before 4th. So I had two classes. Pretty sweet!!!!
Oh yeah I made one of those my space things but I have no friends. Cuz i am a loner haha just kidding. But no, I have mark and mike. I only made it to talk to Mark and Ethan(if I ever decide to send him one of those friend thingys) but so yeah, Mark was bugging me to, and so i did. It's interesting. It occupied my day today though so it was okay. But anyways my link is:
Soooooo talk to you all later...
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Friggin Bitch. I hope you die.

Valentines Day! Not too exciting though cuz I dont have 'a special someone'. I played volleyball in the thing after school though. I didn't do so well but neither did anyone else. It takes me a while to figure the game out. Obviously i'm not gonna be instantly perfect. I really hate how some people think i'm really girly and cant play sports. I think thats wicked gay. But whatever cuz I dont care what anyone else thinks. Screw you.
But anyways my dad gave me a cheap valentines day gift. It seriously sucked. I can tell how much he cares about me. I told him so too. I made him pretty mad cuz he knew it was true also. Whatever, I dont care anymore. He'll be gone soon anyways. I hope he feels really really guilty :-)
On a happier note Courtney's birthday is on Friday and we're gonna have so much fun! I gotta get her present this week!!!

*Someday I'll make you see how happy you make me*
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Ahh people bug me!!!

I didnt have to go to any of my classes today!! YAY!! Lol I took the ASVABs (I think thats what they're called)in the morning, and visited SST in the afternoon. I was really happy! Haha and I didnt go to school yesterday either. I hate school so much. I hate everything about it, the people, the classes, the teachers. Everything. Oh well, 2 years to go. I dunno yet if i'm gonna do any sst classes.
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(no subject)

Well today is monday and I wish it were Friday. Actually I dont mind this semester much. I'm not dreading going to school yet. I kinda think math will be okay. Mr. B seems like a much better teacher than Mr. Quinn so far. Yearbook seems fun too. I started giving out my superlatives. Haha its fun!
I hate when sarcastic comments are made to things that I say. Err!

PS. My eyes are green. Shannon agrees with me.
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I watch the walls around me crumble

Babysat yesterday. Made some money! Yay! On Friday at the end of dance squad michelle's door got frozen open. Oh man that was interesting. Freezing! Lol I love Michelle.
And I did nothing today. Back to school tomorrow. Yuck.
Well thats my exciting entry.
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1/2 Year Left Until Summer

First day of the new classes today. I dont think that I'm going to like them. So far they suck, then again it's only the first day but seriously. but they suck so far. I hate school. I wish it would die! Lol I dont want to go back ever. I hate the people there too. They're oh so gay.
Oh well. I will stick it out and hope for some good classes my junior year. lol that sounds so weird. Only half a year left untill summer!!
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